The AEE Program Impact

“The new AEE Consulting concept is designed to help students make the best possible choices on their college degree, which is one of the most expensive decisions they will make in their life time.”
– Veljko Petričković, AEE Consulting Co-founder, Boston University alumnus

We recognized the need to address safety concerns of both high school students interested in professional college sports in Unites States and their parents.

The AEE Consulting is addressing both the issues of hidden pitfalls and success, along the path of student athletes and their future careers. Our program identifies influences on students’ decisions, evaluates and assesses skills of every and each candidate. It analyzes the multiple levels of student’s personalities, academic abilities and sports talents. Finally, the AEE Consulting provides practical instructions on how to increase likelihood of getting accepted to the college in United States.

We provide students and their parents with the recommendation, which way they should proceed. More importantly, by providing general recommendation, the AEE Consulting program gives parents and students precious and valuable information that could help them save enormous amount of funds and probably the most important years in young adults’ lives.

While leveraging our professional network we help students maximize their chances of success through services focused on personal athletic and academic desires, goals, strengths and achievements.