What we do?

We design personalized athletic and academic preparation plans for student athletes and educate these students on how to make the best possible decisions about higher education in the USA.

Nearly 1,100 universities and colleges, more than 19,000 teams and 480,000 athletes in three divisions are members of the NCAA sports in United States.  

According to the NCAA president, more than $2.7 billion in athletic scholarship aid is distributed annually. The opportunity to play, and receive the benefits of participation in college sports has reshaped the landscape of youth and college sports in the USA and abroad. The AEE Consulting program matches young athletes’ career choices with the opportunity to play and receive a quality education in some of these colleges and universities.

We provide unique assessment and preparatory tools to help students decide among more than 4,000 other academic and sports options offered by the American colleges and universities.

By leveraging network of partners in the US and globally, AEE Consulting team works with student athletes both in Serbia and abroad.

In Serbia, AEE is partnering with the Force Center’s Fitness Program and local English Language Schools to help students achieve their educational aspirations through college sports in America.